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How can anyone not like diamond? Unibling diamond colored contacts will transform any dull eyes into stunning jewelry. We love those shining makeup so much with sharp eyeliner and long lashes, but that is not perfect enough, don't forget the eye color. So we have prepared this Diamond series for you in 4 colors: purple, gray, aqua, and bronze. The outer circle and the inner circle are perfectly integrated with the natural pattern, which can make your eyes as clear and deep as the diamond eyes.

If you dream of having a different eye color, Unibling‘s contact lenses should be your best choice. These colored contacts complements any eye color, giving you a vibrant look. Plus, these contact lenses are so soft and light that you'll hardly notice you're even wearing them. Either prescription or non-prescription, these coloured contacts are safe, FDA & CE certificated, and eco-friendly. Additionally, we offer free shipping on orders over $29.

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