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In this anime franchise, Plotwise, Power is the first fiend we get introduced to in Chainsaw Man. Blood Fiend Power. She is the blood devil who has taken over the body of a young girl, it is clear that Power is the most chaotic and childish character in Chainsaw Man. Her actions also fit well with her rude and messy personality. She has pinkish-blonde hair with two red horns growing out of her head. Even her eyes are yellow in color with a red cross pattern in the center. Power also has sharp fang-like teeth. Power’s main objective is always survival. She doesn’t hesitate to attack and eat wild animals and other devils if that helps her. But an exception to her pet cat from Meowy.

Time to take on the appearance of Makima with our vibrant contacts!

Only answer with “Yes" or “Woof". I don’t need a dog who says “No"
-----Makima by Chainsaw man

Please note: Some of these contact lenses will cover both your iris and pupil so you won't able to see things clearly. 

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